Thursday, October 20, 2011

Springmoor Welcomes New Meredith College President

Springmoor residents with ties to Meredith College, either as alumnae or retired staff, and their invited guests recently welcomed the college's new president, Dr. Jo Allen.  A crowd of almost 100 flowed into the Springmoor lobby, greeting current friends, getting reacquainted with those of years past, and, of course, registering for door prizes. 
The crowd trickled upstairs to the Springmoor Auditorium, piling their plates high with fruit, pastries, mini quiches, and the most popular, ham biscuits, along the way.  Springmoor's food service staff even provided fruit smoothies with a burgundy tint, honoring one of Meredith College's official and most recognizable colors.  Long tables, where guests were seated, were peppered with the seal of the college and arrangements of the school's flower, the purple iris.
The guest of honor, Dr. Allen, then took to the podium, giving the crowd some background on her life, including how she got where she is today, as head of the Southeast's largest private women's college.

After a few words from members of the Springmoor community, the door prize winners were chosen, and a lucky few were presented with the beautiful purple iris table arrangements.  After brunch, everyone continued to catch up with one another, and took the time to individually greet Dr. Allen before contuining on with their days.  Guests left truly energized and inspired by Dr. Allen's love of the school, and her visions for its future.